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Photoshop allows you to draw shapes. You can add them using the Create a New Shape icon, found in the bottom-left area of the Photoshop palette. You can use the rectangle, ellipse, or polygon tool to create shapes. You can also use the Free Transform tool to transform a selection or shape.

You can find a quick tutorial for drawing a Polygon in the sidebar “Drawing a polygon” in this chapter.

The following steps explain how to make simple edits to an image.

See Book III, Chapter 3 for tips on how to use Photoshop’s tools to create your own artwork.

1. **Open an image in Photoshop and load it into your document, as shown in** **Figure** **5-5** **.**

The image should appear in your Canvas palette (the area at the bottom of the Photoshop workspace), shown in Figure 5-5.

**Figure 5-5:** The best way to work with an image is to load it into a Photoshop document.

2. **At the top of the Canvas palette, click the Photomerge feature on the Edit menu.**

The Photomerge option brings together several images that are in the same area, such as in a single photograph or in a collection of photographs that you want to edit together. After the plug-in successfully analyzes the images, you see a preview of the composite image in the workspace, as shown in Figure 5-6. To see a standard merge, use the regular Photoshop Merge feature (see Chapter 10).

**Figure 5-6:** The Photomerge feature lets you merge several images into a single image.

3. **Click the toolbox and then click the Merge All button.**

The standard Photomerge dialog box appears with a preview of the finished composite image. In the dialog box, make sure that all the following options are checked:

• All Layers are Viewed

• Overlay is used

• Show Close Bands

4. **Click OK.**

The images appear in the background, but the images you drew onto the images do not. To edit them, use either the Arrange or Selection feature (see Figure 5-7).

**Figure 5-7:** Click the Merge All button and choose an option that helps you edit the images in the document.

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In this article we will learn how to use Photoshop Elements.

Table of Contents

By the end of this tutorial, we will have the following elements:

1. Open an image in Photoshop Elements

2. Enhance images using the content aware fill feature

3. Create a new layer by selecting content aware fill

4. Blend two images using gradient masks

5. Create different colors in a single image using the color mixer

6. Find unwanted parts of a photo

7. Replace a part of an image with another image

8. Remake an old painting with different light, color and textures

9. Combine two images to create panoramas

10. Reduce the size of an image without losing its quality

11. Convert an image into a GIF, or any other format

12. Merge different photos using the panorama tool

13. Remove background from a photo, using the magic wand

14. Extract a person or another object from a photo

15. Replace a part of an image with another image, in a very powerful way

16. Replace a part of a photo with another photo, in a simple way

17. Create an animation with a single image

18. Create thousands of different patterns with just one single image

19. Remove a nose from a person’s face

20. Create a sticker tool that allows you to create stickers with your own photo

21. Remove the facial features of a person, or the whole face

22. Cut out a word from a photo

23. Add filters to an image to make it appear like a painting

24. Create a collage of photos

25. Make different layers visible and invisible

26. Move a layer to the bottom of the stacking order

27. Make two layers transparent

28. Grow an image, or make it smaller

29. Create a 3D collage

30. Remove a background from a layer and replace it with a color

31. Create a new canvas, or change an existing canvas

32. Convey the idea behind an image

33. Create a cartoon

34. Create a drawing

35. Create a pattern

36. Create a repeating pattern

37. Create a bubble effect

38. Create a star

39. Create a burning star


Adobe Photoshop Touch Apk Download Latest Version

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How to kill Lua kernel?

I’m running cinco (binary) on Ubuntu 12.04. It’s quite annoying that every so often it will crash with a segmentation fault.
Here’s what I see when I try to send a signal to the process.
kill -15 634
kill -15 635
kill -15 636
kill -15 637
kill -15 639
kill -15 640
kill -15 641

And when I look at the corresponding memory block, it looks like this (HEX numbers are from address 0x36e53e0)
36e74150 676 0x7a131940 676 0x1f42e000 0x36e8da9c 0x36e8da9c 0
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36e74290 695 0x7a131940 695 0x1f42e000 0x36e8996c 0x36e8996c 0
36e74358 944 0x7a131940 944 0x1f42e000 0x36e8a870 0x36e8a870 0
36e74458 942 0x7a131940 942 0x1f42e000 0x36e8a9c4 0x36e8a9c4 0
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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop Touch Apk Download Latest Version:

PC Specifications:
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