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CorelDRAW is a graphics creation, editing, and presentation program that is much more restricted than Photoshop, although it’s much less expensive. To edit raster graphics, it uses vector graphics (similar to the format used in Adobe Illustrator). It also has fewer editing modes than Photoshop.

* _CorelDRAW: How To & Step-by-Step Guide_, by Peter Miller, is a good introduction to Photoshop and a useful guide for those who already have experience in another graphic program.
* _CorelDRAW for Windows_, by I. Kyle, is a good tutorial that covers advanced and more complex techniques for using CorelDRAW.

## Grouping Files with Bridge

Bridge, as the name implies, is a program that bridges the gap between your computer and your printer. It was originally designed to help students save money by sharing printers between their computers and schools, but the benefits of sharing a printer among multiple computers have become so common that it is now considered an essential part of all office workstations.

Like many good things, it costs money. The license fee for the most popular version, Bridge 5, is $149, though you can also pay for a higher version that offers more features.

Bridge is both a desktop printing app (Figure 6-3) and a network connection manager. It helps you keep track of print jobs, file properties, and people who have access to a shared printer. For this reason, it is also helpful when you are working with multiple computers and multiple printers.

**Figure 6-3:** The Bridge printing and browsing app on a desktop.

— | —

## Apple’s iWork

Apple’s iWork is one of the utilities you’ll find on your computer. It includes iPhoto (for iPhone photography), Pages (for web-ready document creation) and Keynote (for presentations). These are often listed together because each supports the others. Keynote is the most useful of the applications for writers, with a wide range of themes

Adobe Photoshop 2022 (version 23) Free

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10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Photoshop

Learn to Use the Photoshop Elements Layers Panel

Photoshop is an essential and costly tool that will improve your productivity in almost any field. You will find yourself using Photoshop to resize, duplicate, and duplicate layers. Photoshop’s Layers panel makes it easy to resize and edit layers.

The Layer panel is the core feature of Photoshop. It makes it easy to manipulate layers and gives you a unique workflow. To create multiples layers, you need to be familiar with Photoshop layers.

Many desktop publishing programs like Apple iWork or Microsoft Office have a simple layer panel, which you can access with the “View Layers” button on the View menu.

You can use the Layer panel to create, edit, merge, or delete layers.


Photoshop Layers Panel

Sections of the Layers Panel

The three Layers buttons at the bottom of the panel are for layers, guides, and the layers panel.

Each of the Layers panel is divided into sections.

Resize Layers

Resizing multiple layers is an essential task in Photoshop.

To resize a layer, simply click and drag at the corner of the layer. This resizes the layer while moving any other layers in the layer stack.

To adjust the zoom of a layer, you should double-click it instead of dragging the corner.

To adjust the zoom of the entire Photoshop document, click the red slider below the layer.

Apply Layer Mask

In Photoshop, you can create a mask for your layers.

A layer mask is a translucent (or transparent) png that you can apply to create a transparent overlay to a layer.

You can apply layer masks to various types of layers. It allows you to edit the layer with different settings without affecting other layers.

There are many reasons to create a layer mask, including editing complex shadows or adding more control over an image border.

Create a Layer Mask

To create a layer mask, click the layer below the main panel.

To create a layer mask, click the Add Layer Mask button at the bottom-left of the Layers panel.

Choose the Layer Mask Type

There are four types of mask:

A color mask, which allows you to paint a color for the mask

A Layer mask, which allows you

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What’s New In Adobe Photoshop 2022 (version 23)?

I’ve reached the point where I think my staff can handle just about anything. My confidence is growing as I experience the change in our agency. Everyone looks to me for guidance, support, ideas, creativity and direction. I’m not sure what the time and effort will amount to, but I’m sure it will be an accomplishment of sorts in the view of our agency.

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1920×1080 for WinXP
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