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* **Illustrator:** Illustrator was originally designed to create vector graphics. It can create vector images and employ many of the same tools as Photoshop for raster editing. It also incorporates many of the same tools and Layers panels as Photoshop does, and in fact, you can combine some Photoshop Layers with Illustrator elements.
* **Flash:** Originally a software development program, Adobe Flash has been used to create animation, including video. It’s often a component in web designers’ work because of its large, booming audience. It employs the same Layers panel structure as the other programs mentioned in this chapter.

Along with its visual talents, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash also have the following features:

* **Projects and templates:** You can create a library of projects and templates from which you can quickly create professional-looking images and graphics for such things as brochures, websites, and Web pages.
* **Video:** You can create and animate 3D drawings, 2D video, and other types of graphics. (See Chapter 12 for more information about video creation.)

You can also find a wealth of special-effects software at your disposal. For example, there are special effects programs that will allow you to simulate film and other effects.

You can find even more creative, artistic, and beyond-the-pale-imaginary-world graphics creation tools at the Adobe PageMaker Web site.

When you’re done, you can export the image to any standard file type, including.jpg,.png,.bmp,.tif,.tga, and.psd files.

## Learning Photoshop’s Layers

Like the other programs in this chapter, Photoshop has an image editing system that gives you complete control over an image. The system consists of raster and vector layers. The _raster layer_ is responsible for the appearance of the picture on the computer screen. You create an object, like a house for example, by creating various shapes that make up the house and then placing them one on top of the other using the Layers panel (refer to Figure 7-2). (The four layers in Figure 7-2 are the floor, roof, trees, and car. Each of the four layers has a specific color and opacity setting associated with it.) After you create your house, for example, you can use any of the tools described in the upcoming sections to adjust the settings of the

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Useful sites

Main functions

Photoshop Elements is powered by the Adobe Bridge, a database that can give you access to files. You can organize all your photos into folders or you can drag and drop them into each tab of the interface. You can also sort and filter them by date, size or using Adobe’s most common filters.

When you click the left toolbar icon, you can create new files, open images in the library and browse through them, but you can’t modify the contents of the file. If you want to open an image on your computer, you must convert it using the program Bitmap Commander, which is very easy. The process is faster than using Paint.

In the editing tab, you can choose tools that are very similar to those of the professional version, but with a simplified interface and more simple commands. One of the most useful tools is the pen tool. With it, you can select a drawing region, create curved or straight lines, or modify it with various dynamics that will allow you to create more of an expressive drawing than you can with the pen tool on Photoshop.

There is no way to change the size of the image. This can be done in the professional version by selecting the image layer and reducing the size of the canvas.

In the adjustment tab, you can change the hue, saturation, brightness and contrast of the image. You can also apply blurring, shadow, exposure, black and white, and more.

If you need to correct shading or retouch, you can do it with the Spot Healing Brush.

In the Lens Correction tab, you can use the suggested lenses to filter your image. This is quite useful to avoid some visible anomalies of the lens.

In the History tab, you can see the versions of the image you’ve edited and see how the changes have changed the image. You can also undo an action to undo the last action you have performed.

If you want to save your work, you can do so in the desktop version, but it does not have much storage. You can save the image on your computer with the Save as… menu option.

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editor for Windows. The interface consists of a classic painting in a rectangular canvas. The content and the pen tool are similar to Photoshop Elements’s. Also, this version is still very complicated when it comes to editing images, but as an aid

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