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1-abc.net Database is meant to help you create a wide range of catalogs, adding custom columns to each of them, depending on the type of items they include.
In addition, this user-friendly application saves the collections in CSV files, so you can easily import them to other tools.







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The software is extremely user friendly, due to the fact that when you create a collection, you can select the fields you need and change their names. In addition, the fields show up in your collection automatically, depending on the type of items they include.
In addition, the software creates a database in the 3 most important file types. You can generate a database in XML, SQL or in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

1-abc.net Database Changelog:
1.10 The configuration of the password has been changed.
1.06 The configuration and editing of the rows can be more easily done now.
1.01 Fixed a minor issue.

1-abc.net Database Requirements:
Macintosh computer running at least OS X v10.8,
Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher

1-abc.net Database Screenshots:

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Preview of 1-abc.net Database Categories in Video:

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1-abc.net Database For Windows

– Add (or edit) custom columns to any of the catalogs
– Save collections to a single CSV file

1-abc.net Database Evaluation:
Simple and effective database for catalog management.

1-abc.net Database Features:
– Add custom columns to any collection
– Save to a CSV file
– Import to any spreadsheet application
– Synchronize databases via ActiveSync

1-abc.net Database Highlights:
Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind, 1-abc.net Database is the perfect tool for catalog management and customization.

1-abc.net Database Requirements:
– ActiveSync enabled
– Windows 2000, 2003 or 2008
– 2 GB of RAM at minimum (3 GB or more recommended)

1-abc.net Database Download:

This product is distributed as shareware

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1-abc.net Database is developed by
ABCClick Software & Consulting, Inc.

1-abc.net Database Copyright Notice:
This product is distributed as shareware
Copyright (c) 2006 – 2009, ABCClick Software & Consulting, Inc.

1-abc.net Database is registered and licensed in the United States
and thus is subject to U.S. import regulations

1-abc.net Database Crack + Product Key

Create and modify collections, add custom columns to them and easily import them to applications such as BookCad, WordPress, Dropbox and many other.
Admin interface allows you to create/modify any column and use any field as a filter. 
Create or edit connections between your catalogs and others, like Google Analytics, Twitter and more.
Create and edit categories to arrange your collections in a clean and dynamic way. 
Define a custom label and description for each collection.
Sort and re-order collections.
Import your collections to any application.
Add/remove/edit reports to help you analyze your data.
Organize collections in multiple ways like by location, year, label, click, product or price range.
Export the collections to your required format like CSV or XLSX.
Export all collections or custom ones to PDF or image formats.
Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
For more info visit official website


I suppose that you tried a lot but maybe you didn’t tried those tools:

Where It’s Exported: I suggest to use Google Drive because it can store files up to 15 GB each and it has the “File Manager” option to copy-paste and export any kind of file.

Select the data that you want to export: if you want, you can export one worksheet at the time.
Exporting to CSV:

At the top menu, select “File” and then “Get External Data”.

Select “Get External Data from One Worksheet” and then select “From Google Sheets” (because it’s the only option you have)

At this point, select the “Filenames” from the box below.

Now select the worksheet that contains the data you want and click on “Open”

Copy paste the filename in the dialog box “Filter and Export”.

Chrome + Google Chrome Apps:

Select “File” and then “Export as CSV”

Select “CSV”

Select the “Download” option

On your PC:

Open Google Chrome
Enter “1-abc.net” on the address bar


Don’t use this extension. It sends your account password to the original Google Spreadsheets.

What’s New In?

This is the “Bulk Software Data Transfer” tool.
The offered database contains registered software items from a wide variety of categories (Catalog Manager).
The Database contains custom columns, which are adjusted to match the type of an item.
For example, database column “Zipcode” is mainly used to filter software products based on ZIP code.
If you have an idea for a new column type, you can easily add it to your database.
The main purpose of this tool is to transfer information to external software.
This information can be imported to other programs, such as Catalog Manager, Export and Import.
Getting Started:
Double click the started *.acdl file and go to the start tool option for transferring data.
Name the new Collection, add a title for it, click on Create and click OK.
Click next to transfer all the data from other collections to the new Collection.
After completing the import, close the Collection Manager Tool.
Important: Enter the exact same passwords or serial numbers as your original database.
The software will use them to validate the data on your items.
System Requirements:
Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 or later
1-abc.net Database Technical Features:
✓ Snapshots to easily backup your data
✓ LAC (First, Last & Customer) fields for each item
✓ System wide filters
✓ Columns can be mixed and matched
✓ Column alignment options
✓ CSV import module
✓ CSV export module
✓ Bulk edit module
✓ Custom columns will appear under System preferences
✓ The database can be used as a Catalog Manager to store and filter your items
✓ All data can be exported to PDF format
✓ Private columns can be created
✓ It works offline
✓ Sync works over a network
✓ It works on both Mac and Windows platforms
Easy and understandable tool description:
✓ Dynamic field names
✓ Filters for any type of data
✓ Large amounts of data per Collection
✓ CSV import module (Import and Export columns)
✓ CSV export module (Export)
✓ Bulk edit module (An easy way to edit data)
✓ Import module (Import)
✓ Export module (Export)
✓ System wide filters (Filter)
✓ Column alignment option (Align)
✓ Column alignment option (Left, Right, Center)

System Requirements For 1-abc.net Database:

Minimum Requirements:
Operating Systems:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit versions of all three operating systems)
Mac OS X 10.9 and up (32-bit and 64-bit versions of Mac OS X)
1GB RAM recommended
256MB RAM recommended for users with Intel Iris 5100 and below, 512MB RAM recommended for users with Intel Iris 5200 and above