Buy Rare Coins

1 BTC Casascius coins being prepared for a buyer

Through the extensive research required to create the create this site and a continuous high-profile presence in the collector community, CRYPTONUMIST has unprecedented knowledge and access when it comes to locating the most sought-after coins around the world for the most serious collectors. These include the legendary 1,000 BTC coins and bars which are among the most valuable coins in the world.

Cryptonumist does not maintain public ‘for sale’ listings. We are not a ‘retail’ sales platform, and instead work directly with buyers to find the specific coins they are after and broker the transaction if appropriate. This Bespoke Brokerage Service is reserved for serious buyers looking for coins valued above $10,000 (usually well above $100,000). We do however welcome inquiries about more generic coins, and will often forward these to other qualified experts.

We are often asked what coins are currently available. Considering these coins are generally owned as investments, the simple answer is that just about all coins are available and for sale through our contacts for the right price.

Elias checking Casascius coins during an international pick-up as part of the Bespoke Brokerage Service.

If you want to BUY a certain rare coin, please email with your request, along with information about the city/country you are located in. PLEASE NOTE that 95% of sellers will only accept BTC or other crypto-currencies, NOT cash or wire transfers etc. We will contact potential sellers of the coin(s), and communicate with you regarding progress. We will not share your identity with potential sellers. To facilitate high value transactions, we have personally flown around the world on several occasions to pick up and deliver coins in-person. Cryptonumist will

sometimes issue detailed certificates for coins.

If you want to SELL a rare coin, please email with information including photos, your city/country, and asking price (specify whether you want BTC or Fiat, etc). All email is reviewed and noted, and you will be notified of potential offers. Please do not send sell requests for any coin you know to be valued below $1,000.


The list below contains examples of coins we are happy to help you buy:

  • Series 1 Casascius 1,000 BTC 2011 Gold Coin (Loaded)
  • Series 2 Casascius 1,000 BTC 2011 Gold Coin (Loaded)
  • Series 1 Casascius 1,000 BTC 2011 Bar (Loaded)
  • Series 2 Casascius 500 BTC 2011 Bar (Loaded)
  • Series 1 Casascius 100 BTC 2011 Bar (Loaded)
  • Series 2 Casascius 100 BTC 2011 Bar (Loaded)
  • Series 2 Casascius 100 BTC 2011 ‘Unfunded Bar’
  • Series 2 Casascius 100 BTC 2011 ‘2FA Unfunded Bar’
  • Series 1 Casascius 1,000 BTC 2011 (redeemed)
  • Series 2 Casascius 1,000 BTC 2011 ‘2FA Unfunded Bar’
  • Series 2 Casascius 0.5 BTC 2013 ‘Silver Error’ (Loaded)
  • Series 1 Casascius 1 BTC 2011 ‘Demo Coin’
  • Series 1 Casascius 1 BTC 2011 ‘Double Error’ (Loaded)
  • Series 1 Casascius 1 BTC 2011 ‘Error’ (Loaded MS-68)
  • Series 1 Casascius 25 BTC 2011 (First ever 25 BTC coin graded by ANACS)
  • Complete set of the 1, 5, 10, and 20 BTC BitBills
  • Crypto Imperator 100,000 Doge Silver Ed. ‘SuperDoge’ (Loaded)
  • Crypto Imperator 1/2 Troy Oz .999 Fine Gold 1 Million Dogecoin (Loaded)
  • Cryptolator Unchained Antique Copper Series
  • Cryptolator Unchained Antique Bronze Series
  • MJB Monetary Metals Series 1 Silver
  • MJB Monetary Metals Series 2 Silver
  • Jinn Physical Bitcoin
  • Serpcoin v1
  • AND MORE (please inquire)